Find a Job Faster: Get the Training and Salary You Deserve

No Degree? No Problem!
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Looking for a new job with a stable pay is a task on most people's minds. We reach a certain point in our lives where we need to decide if we are in it to win it, or if we are waiting by the side lines. Schooling is inevitable in order to get a decent paying job in order to pay off bills in live in a comfortable environment. The only issue is, sometimes schooling isn’t always the solution. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, about 1 in 3 college graduates are underemployed and even the ones that are employed do not have the skills they learned in college put to the test. How does the unemployment rate relate to our education system? This means that maybe traditional schooling isn’t always the answer to finding a job. With career training or job training, you can get an education quicker and find a job fast with good money.

Advance Your Career with Career Training

As opposed to traditional school, when you look into career training you can focus on advancing your career and optimizing your salary and skill set. Your goal would be to go to school to get the training you need for a specific job as opposed to acquiring a broad sense of knowledge. The issue is not that a broad sense of knowledge is not appropriate, but if your goal is to acquire a job with an optimal salary rate, then it is best you go straight for your target. Going straight for your target means knowing what you want and making yourself better in that field. Whether it be becoming a physical therapist, nurse, or bartender, you should know what you need to learn to be the best.

Find Your Passion and Discover Yourself

You may be asking, “How do I know what I need to learn for my career?”. All you have to do is find your passion. Start by researching what fields have an increase of job opportunities for you and choose from there. After that, you can then decipher which of these fields is best for you. Are you interested in something holistic like becoming a massage therapist or a job that involved a bit more administrative work like Coding and Billing? Once you find out what you gravitate towards the most, you can then find out what training needs to get done.

What Are the Tools You Need to Succeed?

Once you enroll in a program, you will then follow the stepping stones to getting the framework and tools you need to succeed. What does this mean? You will go through each module and get whatever training you need, whether be hands-on or theory based, so you can eventually become certified. Normally, at the end of each certification process, vocational or training schools provide you with resources to find a job.

Career training can land you a job sooner than you think. The sole purpose of vocational school’s is to ensure you are getting secure jobs with solid pay and room for growth. In fact, many accredited schools would not be up and running without graduates finding jobs with the help of Career Services Departments.

Comparing Vocational School and Traditional Degrees

Now, let’s compare the two routes. Let’s say you do end up getting a four year degree. You graduate with honors because you’re a hard worker and a few months pass. You’ve yet to find a job. Most jobs are hesitant to hire you due to your lack of experience and you are left feeling as if your training was either not enough or not fit for your route. Many do not expect that life after college requires some hard work and a bit of luck to find a job that matches your major. It’s not uncommon to have graduates wait years to find a job that suits them or even have to go back to school and retrain for a different field. With vocational schools, there are plenty of jobs on the field you train in. Career training schools specifically choose their programs based on the influx of open positions in that field.

The choice is based solely on personal preference. There are many college graduates who go on to find themselves in successful positions, but then on the other hand there are many who don’t. Are you ready to find out? Or will you bet on the career training that is proven to easily find you a job faster.