How to Start a Massage Business in California?

massage therapy business
The branding of your business should reflect who you are and the service you provide.

A Good First Step to Starting a Massage Therapy Business

There is most definitely a growing demand for massage therapists, and the opportunity to start your own massage therapy business has never been more filled with positive potential. Starting a business of any kind can be difficult if you are not properly prepared to handle it. This means being well-educated and skilled in your chosen profession, in this case, massage therapy. It also means having a thorough knowledge-base for and ability to handle the business aspects.

Massage therapy businesses are among the fastest growing in the health and wellness industry.

If you have any thoughts on starting your own massage therapy business some day, you can begin preparing for it by studying your craft at a massage school that provides training in the business of massage therapy as well. Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) is just such a school, not only providing thorough training in the techniques and health aspects of massage therapy, but also in how to start and operate a massage therapy business.

Working On Your Business vs. Working In Your Business

When you are a business owner, you spend a good deal more time working on your business than working in your business. What does that mean? Well, working on your business means running your business and making it grow. This includes accounting work, marketing, ordering supplies, networking, and planning the business’ future growth. Working on the business may seem tedious, even boring, but this is what brings clients to you, generating leads that lead to more growth of clientele, and of course, more profits.

Working in your massage therapy business means doing the work you love: massage therapy. It may seem as if the more time you spend working your business, doing actual massages, the more profit for the business and more success. In reality, though, putting the time and effort into the business is what will lead to long-term success.

Make a Solid Plan

Learning to draw up a business plan is one of the most important parts of starting a business. This is where you lay out your goals for the business: how much do you plan to make? How many clients do you want to see? How does this business fit into your life? You will want your business plan to detail the timeframe for setting up the business, as well as plans for branding and marketing your business, and a structure for customer service. This is very important because many investors and banks will want to see this level of planning and detail before they agree to fund your business.

The Four Essentials: Branding, Customer Service, Marketing and Networking

Once you have started your massage therapy business, growing and keeping your clientele becomes the focus. Branding your business is a combination of what you do and who you are. The brand is what will attract people, and maintaining that brand will keep them coming back. Marketing your business is easier if you have a good brand, and a strong presence online is an essential marketing tool to be successful in this growing industry.

Ultimately, your business is about people. Connecting with them through networking opportunities in the community and through the website, as well as providing solid customer service will keep them coming back, and they’ll bring their friends, too.

An All-Encompassing Program

Getting the right balance of massage theory and application, and business principles is what you want from a massage school program. SOCHi’s Advanced Professional Massage Therapy program provides students with not only the skills and technique to perform a variety of massage techniques and treatment modalities, but also provides the knowledge and skills needed to operate a massage business.

If your passion is helping others through massage therapy, and you are interested in starting your own massage therapy business, studying at the right massage school is the best first step. Studying at a school that includes business principles as a part of their program is invaluable. On all fronts, Southern California Health Institute provides a high-quality program that meets your needs and prepares you for a career in massage therapy and gives you the tools you need to be your own boss and start your own business as well.

If you would like more information about SOCHi’s massage therapy program, please visit our website.


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