Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Fitness Training

FAQs Personal Fitness Training
Explore common questions about being a personal trainer.

Personal Trainers can make a great living by assisting others on their health and fitness journeys. Becoming a personal trainer does not require you to start off as a professional athlete, instead it just takes a little bit of hard work and a great certification program. The process is fairly simple, learn about the field, get certified, then make money but there are obviously a few other questions that others have in mind that can untangle some thoughts around the process. We are hoping this precise list of questions can clear those up for you!

How Do You Become a Certified Personal Trainer?

As we stated above, the best way to become a successful and experienced personal trainer with a great list of clients, is to get certified. This process requires you to find a school that will give you the background experience you need. Experience and training is necessary since personal training is very hands on and active. If you have an inexperienced trainer you can put a client in danger or if not, you can really disappoint them when they find they are having little to no progress. This may lead you to run into some issues if they demand their money back or begin to tarnish your name. Not having the right experience before getting into training others on their health and fitness journeys can lead you to end your career before it really began.

How Do I Go To School To Be a Trainer?

Since training is such a detailed career, it’s important to find an education that will give you the utmost detailed care. This means that they are not only accredited by a credible institution, but they are highly reputable by the National Association of Sports Medicine. This school should offer you a curriculum that ensures you are getting experience in the fields of not just exercise, but nutrition and business skills. Once you have done some research through a quick google search you can begin to shop around at schools and see which ones fit your learning styles the best. Clearly, a hands on approach campus with credible instructors will stand out and then you can proceed to meet with an admissions advisor to plan for your future.

What Kind of Classes Can You Expect in The Field of Fitness?

As stated above, Personal Fitness Training is not just about exercise. Learning about nutrition, meal planning, and other business tools such as marketing your business, talking to clients, building a solid repertoire, and sustaining your career are very important skills to have under your belt. Anatomy, Physiology, Leadership, Business, Sales, Essentials, Resume Assistance and Fitness Assessment are all modules you can expect when you sign up to get certified for Fitness Trainer programs. By the time you are certified you will be able to train individual or grouped clients and assist them to help them meet their fitness goals while even suggesting nutritional plans for them.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Have a Personal Trainer?

Once you become a certified Personal Trainer, your employment opportunities will become vast and diverse. Your first thought may be to begin working at a gym, which is a great idea. Working at a local gym is a fantastic idea for a trainer no matter that experience level they are at. Different gyms have different rules, but normally trainers will have the freedom to have their own clients at the gym and train them on commission or not and proceed to use their business skills to assist their team to enroll more clients to the gym. Oftentimes, the great charisma passed on to our trainers will assist them in finding success at the gyms they work at since we have great connections with many of them for creating a reputable group of alumni. The great news is, gyms aren’t the only place you can work if that’s not your style. You can also work for corporate wellness programs, athletic teams, resorts, cruise ships, sports medicine facilities, weight loss centers, and even physical therapy offices.

Can I Start My Own Business as a Personal Trainer?

Starting your own business as a personal fitness trainer is a very plausible goal. In fact, it’s not only plausible, but very common. Our programs have a built in module to help students start their own business. This portion of your curriculum includes skills to build a strong rolodex of clients, how to market to them, how to keep them, and even how to create your own logo and have credibility (of course your certificate helps with that). A fun activity students like to partake in is taking a day to create their own business cards together. Becoming your own boss as a personal trainer gives you the opportunity to set your own rates and work on your own time. You can’t be late if you’re setting your own schedule!

Is Personal Fitness Hard?

Do you have a knack for exercise or are you passionate about having a knack for exercise? If one of those is yes...then becoming a trainer is not hard. All you need is a body that is able to work and a mind that is ready to put in that work. You don’t have to come into our program knowing how to scale a mountain with just some rope and great hiking shoes, the point of our program is to teach how to be successful in the field of fitness. Just to be clear, fitness does not look like a buff man or woman who only eats raw eggs. There is a common misconception that there is only one way to be fit. In fact, at SOCHi it is imperative that we pass on the knowledge that everyone in the field of health and wellness has different goals and as a trainer you have to adapt to each person and guide them in the way that suits them best...this means you as well.