When Choosing a Massage School Be Sure to Consider These Things?

Choosing a Massage School
Know your financial aid options before choosing a massage therapy school.

Attending massage school and pursuing a career as a massage therapist is an appealing prospect for many people. It’s a terrific career for the self-motivated “people person” and it’s a career where the whole purpose is to make people feel better and function better. Massage therapists work in a wide range of settings, from healthcare facilities to spas to cruise ships. It’s a career with good earning potential plus more flexibility than is available with many other careers.

Massage therapy is a terrific career for those who love helping people

Not all massage schools are alike, however, so if you are interested in pursuing a massage career, it’s important that you consider the educational institutions available to you carefully. Here are some important factors you should consider when you choose a massage therapy school.

Make Sure Hands-On Training Is an Important Part of the Curriculum

It’s one thing to be told what to do or watch someone demonstrating a technique, but with massage therapy, it’s absolutely essential that you participate in literal hands-on training. Some classroom learning is required, and you will be tested on your knowledge, but an exceptional massage therapy school makes sure that students are able to practice what they learn so they can develop skills, be corrected if necessary, and develop proficiency they need for a successful career.

Learn What Types of Massage Therapy Are Taught

An outstanding massage school teaches multiple types of massage therapy. Though Swedish massage therapy is a standard and is used extensively, there are many other important types of massage therapy, and knowing which type is applicable for a client’s needs and how to use them correctly is one key to having a successful massage career. Look for schools that teach deep tissue massage, medical massage therapy, and specialty massage therapies like chair, sports, and prenatal massage.

Find Out How Long the School Has Existed

If a school has been around for many years, it’s a good sign that they deliver good results and that they’ll be there for you as you make the transition from student to professional. If possible, you should speak with graduates who have gone on to have careers in massage therapy and learn what their educational experience was like. This can prepare you for what to expect in terms of time and workload, and allow you to see how people are able to develop careers after attending massage therapy school.

Know your financial aid options before choosing a massage therapy school.

Find out whether a massage school you are considering has been accredited by a nationally known accrediting body such as the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Be wary of schools that are not accredited. Since most people need help paying for massage therapy school, find out what financial aid is available. In many cases, you can learn what type of financial aid you qualify for by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may qualify for grants or subsidized loans that can help you pay for school.

Ask About Career Services for Graduating Students

Does the school help place students in internships or externships before graduation? Do they offer career skills help, such as help with interviewing, resume preparation, and negotiation for wages and benefits? You shouldn’t feel like your school is training you and then leaving you to fend for yourself as far as finding a fulfilling job after you graduate. With any school you consider, speak with a career counsellor or visit their career services department to find out what you can expect when it’s time to look beyond graduation to having the career you want.


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