Sochi Offers Career Choices for Those Who Like Helping Others

sochi offers career choices
Career opportunities abound in the health and wellness field.

A career in the health and wellness field requires specialized training, hard work, energy, and enthusiasm. For people who are passionate about helping others, it can be an ideal fit. A career in which you help people get fit, be healthy, or feel and look their best can not only help you to find personal satisfaction and fulfillment in your work, but financial success as well.

Whether you want to work in a hands-on capacity in fields such as massage therapy or personal training, or in an office doing medical billing and coding, Southern California Health Institute offers training programs that will prepare you for all sorts of careers in which you can help people achieve a healthy life.

Life is full of stress. Massage therapists, fitness trainers, and other health and wellness professionals help people find balance and cope with the hectic pace of life, overcome chronic pain, and heal from disease. There is a wide range of career opportunities that falls under the health and wellness umbrella, from fitness training to healing arts or back-office work. The right choice for you will depend on your personality and the types of work you enjoy and feel comfortable doing.

Fitness Professionals

Whether you are motivated by a desire to help people get fit, improve their health, or lose weight; to teach people how the body works and what amazing feats it is capable of given the right training; or to build a space where people can work out within a supportive community, becoming a fitness professional can be a rewarding career choice.

Fitness instructors help people get in shape using proven, safe training techniques. If you’ve set your sights on a career in fitness as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, club owner, or fitness director, the Southern California Health Institute’s Personal Fitness Trainer/Health & Wellness Professional program can start you on the right course.

Careers in Massage Therapy

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the healing arts, massage therapy offers a wide range of career paths. Massage therapists are qualified to provide not just pampering massages that help clients to relax and recharge, but also to heal from injuries, relieve pain, or reduce stress.

SOCHi’s Advanced Professional Massage Therapy program provides career training in medical massage therapy, eastern massage, specialized massage, Russian sports massage, spa treatment modalities, and additional massage therapy modalities, including lymph drainage, myofascial release, and trigger-point therapy. The program also offers training in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, pathology, CPR and first aid certification, professional ethics, hygiene, and business principles.

Besides providing the opportunity to train in specific methodologies, becoming trained and certified as a massage therapist allows you to choose from a wide range of work environments. You might choose to work in a luxury spa, hotel, or cruise ship, or to work in a fitness center, hospital, or nursing home.

Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab

If working with patients to help them rehabilitate after an injury or illness appeals to you, a career as a physical therapy aide may be right for you. SOCHi’s Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab program offers an integrated approach to health and wellness by incorporating medical massage and physical therapy modalities. Students train in the use of physical therapy equipment and the treatment of back and limb disorders through medical massage. The program offers training in rehabilitation, anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, event rehabilitative sports massage, CPR and first aid certification, professional ethics and hygiene, and business principles.

Medical Coding and Billing

If you are interested in helping others, but not inclined towards a “hands-on” career, medical billing and coding might be a good choice. Training as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist prepares you for a career as a Certified Professional Biller, a Certified Professional Coder, or a Certified Inpatient Coder. The Medical Billing & Coding Specialist program at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHI) provides training in all areas of medical billing and coding procedures for both inpatient and outpatient settings.

According to a recent National Health Interview Survey, 38 percent of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Furthermore, the number of fitness centers and spas, and people who frequent them, continues to rise. If you are looking for a promising career that will allow to help others, these fields offer what you are looking for.


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