Two Branches of Medical Billing and Coding Explained

medical coding and billing branches
Medical coding can be a rewarding career choice.

A career as a medical coder or in medical billing is exciting and presents a wide variety of employment options. These health care workers are employed in medical facilities, in physicians’ offices and hospitals. In addition, they are needed in laboratories, rehabilitation clinics, dental offices, nursing homes and at billing services and insurance companies. Attending a school that offers certification and comprehensive medical billing and coding training can make the difference. Knowing the different specializations in this field can help you decide on which career path you want to take.

Certified Professional Biller

A career as a professional biller means working in the financial section of the health care field by learning billing practices as they relate to medical bills. This includes learning how to prepare insurance claim forms, submitting the forms and performing the processing of payments and follow-up. Study subjects in this field also include regulatory and legal issues, differences in methods of reimbursement and the insurance industry in regard to health. The benefits of becoming a professional biller are that it is a profession with high demand, the work schedule is steady and predictable and that becoming a professional medical biller means that you can even work from home in some positions.

Learning the latest information related to the health insurance industry prepares you to take the Certified Professional Billing exam (CPB®). This enables you to work in this important health field, whether as a claims examiner, in a physician’s office or other health facility.

Certified Professional Coder

A certified professional coder takes documentation of medical records such as laboratory tests and transcribed notes from a physician and assigns codes to create an insurance claim that is paid by the carrier. Alphanumeric medical coding includes medical diagnosis, services, procedures and equipment. The records depend on where a coder is employed and can be more specialized in large facilities such as hospitals. The coder has interaction with physicians, medical billers, staff members and other medical coders.

This in-demand profession exhibits a large shortfall in qualified employees that is expected to continue into the future, so now would be a good time to enter this important field. A professional coder has the satisfaction of knowing that his or her contribution helps keep a place of employment, whether it is in a hospital or other health care setting, running smoothly because insurance bills are being sent out and paid.

Job Outlook for Professional Billers and Coders

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for those in these professions is expected to increase at a much higher rate than for the average profession. While most individuals in this profession work full time, some may work evening or night shifts, and working from home is becoming more common. Flexibility in choices of employment locations and hours is an attractive feature of these fields. In addition, positions usually come with perks such as health care, a retirement plan and other benefits.

Choosing a School for Medical Billing and Coding Training

The Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) offers training in both areas of medical billing and coding. Educational materials are in partnership with and provided by the AAPC, formerly known as the American Academy of Professional Coders.This training program not only includes preparation in the both areas of study but includes training in physiology, anatomy, medical office business, medical terminology and ICD-10-PCS and ICD-10-CM coding, along with a capstone session.

With expansion of the health care industry and retirement of health care workers, there is an urgent need for individuals to obtain medical billing and coding training to fill these empty slots.

Learn more about SOCHi and how we can train you to enter this exciting field. To learn more, request information to see which branch of medical billing and coding is right for you.

Revision Disclaimer: As of September of 2018, SOCHi no longer provides AAPC certification for our Medical Billing & Coding students through our curriculum. As our students grow and learn to discover their abilities at SOCHi, so does our curriculum! Our curriculum is adapting and growing to accommodate our diverse student body. Stay tuned to see how SOCHi is growing to assist you on your journey to success!


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