Medical Billing and Coding During The Era of COVID-19

Becoming a Medical Assistant
COVID-19 will sweep away many of the artificial barriers to moving more of our lives online.

COVID-19 has forced American across the country to stray away from direct touching or even the presence of each other. The omnipresent federal mandate to stick to physical distance has left many seeking jobs in other places in which they can both stay safe and make a great income. An often overlooked career is one of Medical Billing and Coding. As a Medical Biller and Coder you can stay safe, make money, and have a successful career flourishing during the era of COVID-19.

What Does a Medical Biller and Coder Do?

Medical Billers and Coders are the bridge between doctors and insurance providers. If you ever go to a medical provider, you have to wonder: how does this get billed to my insurance? Well, without medical billers and coders that form of payment would not be completed, thus medical providers will not be able to provide. Billers and Coders draft up invoices with providers that assist you and insurance providers to then pay for those services. They say that medical billers and coders have a secret language, but this is just them transcribing complex medical reports into short codes that can be more digestible within all parties involved in the transactions. The reports often include what was done in doctors offices behind closed doors such as procedures and ailments. An ailment followed by an in house surgery to heal it can be transcribed into just one short code.

Medical Billers and Coders Can Work From Home

The great part about being a medical biller and coder during the era of COVID-19 is that you can have the ability to possibly work from home. At home you can pick up several jobs and gigs and handle patient billing, reimbursing to healthcare providers, and even transcribing codes. Many billers and coders have had the opportunity to do a great job from the safety of their home. When you work from home, you not only save lives by distancing and being safe but you also get the chance to build up your resume and career. Kill two birds with one stone while you save the world by being safe as well transcribing for patients who need retroactive care. Working from home means that you are not only healing the world by distancing, but also giving patients the retroactive care and assistance they need to carry out their billing and paying tasks.

The Demand For Billers and Coders is High

According to BLS, the job outlook for health technicians in this field is to grow by 8% up until 2029. This is slated to be much faster than other job fields. The steady growth can be because of the rise of healthcare transactions in the next few years. The only thing that goes up that does not come down is age and as we get older we need extra care. The more humans and society get older, they head to doctors offices and all of those procedures and ailments need to be transcribed and billed with the assistance of billers and coders. On the brightside, there seems to be a constant need for billers and coders as long as there are people who need healthcare.