Why This is The Best Time To Become a Personal Trainer

Become a Personal Trainer
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Just this year, millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we survive this pandemic and stay safe, many unemployed individuals have had the opportunity to rethink their lives and redirect their career paths. Many have also gained weight and made different health choices in these trying times. There are currently rising numbers of individuals that are looking to change their health choices and get to a healthier state overall. That makes this the perfect time to become a personal trainer. With many people looking for assistance with their health journey, you can take advantage of this opportunity and give yourself a stable career as a certified trainer.

Rise in Fitness Since The Pandemic

While we are all cooped up in our homes, it’s bound that our fridges are getting a little cooped up as well if you know what we mean. As our pants get tighter our urgency for exercise gets stronger. Indoor fitness and safe outdoor fitness has become all the rage. There is a rise of online exercise courses and exercise machines like bikes and treadmills being sold. Society is looking to get healthy and shed off the extra pounds they have gained during the pandemic. The best way to get in shape is to have help from a personal trainer, after all, self control seems to be an ongoing issue which leads them to trainers in the first place. Clients will be running to you for assistance to help them meet their goals.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Aside from others needing a new fitness journey, you may be in need of one too! Getting training to become a Personal Fitness Instructor can be the best way to kill two birds with one stone. You can get your body in the right shape it needs to be as you get certified to help others do the same. By the end of your studies you will be done with just one large step of your fitness journey and you get to experience a healthier and stronger version of yourself. The experience you gain from getting stronger and healthier while studying to become a PFT isn’t just physical, it is also mental. You will learn the hard value of discipline which is very much required in this field. So why not make the decision to get your body in the right shape as you study to get other bodies in the right shape.

Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer is Safe

Becoming a personal fitness trainer is a safe experience which is necessary to keep in mind during a global pandemic. With hybrid courses, you can be sure that you are limiting close encounters with others. The other benefit to this is that the service can also be done in a distanced manner therefore that will not hinder getting clientele. As a certified personal trainer you have many options of training clients.

One way to train clients is via telecommunication or virtually. You can set up a webcam and ensure that your clients are following the correct procedures and movements during their in-home workouts. This can also be done by managing a class through a video chat session which is similar to the individual sessions previously described except you have much more of an audience. Another way to assist clients on their fitness goals is to train them from a distance. Many personal trainers are taking their clients to open spaces like a park or parking lot and guiding them from a distance and with a mask on. Whatever way you slice it, training clients during the pandemic is still doable and has not changed very much, in fact it may have even gotten more accessible with video classes.

Helping Others as a Trainer

Another reason it is a good reason to become a personal fitness trainer now is to spread some joy in this world. To be quite frank, the world could use a little sunshine during these trying times. What makes someone happier than meeting their goals with the assistance of a helpful trainer. Helping people fulfill their fitness journey won’t just be about putting money in your pockets it will also be making you feel fulfilled. Having a stable income is important of course, but so is doing meaningful work and there is nothing more meaningful than helping your community. The feeling of a satisfied client who finally feels good about themselves in terms of health, fitness, and strength is one that can’t be exchanged for a dollar amount.

Get Certified in Less Than 9 Months

The great part about deciding to become a Personal Fitness Trainer around this time is that it is a fairly easy process. The certification process takes about 9 months with Southern California Health Institute and enrollment is simple. First things first, you can view the website and check out the curriculum for the PFT program and see if it suits you. A simple call to the school can get you in touch with an admissions advisor and they can answer all the questions you have and patch you through to our financial aid department to resolve how you will fund your education. With grants, loans, and payment plans our financial aid advisors can make the process of paying for school as easy as possible and stress free. Now more than ever is a great time to become a Personal Fitness Trainer and the benefits and process will leave you with a career that will grant you many opportunities and a life of fulfillment.