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If you’re passionate about fitness, a career as a personal trainer may be right for you.

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“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Everyone has heard it at least once. Perhaps someone has even said it directly to you, encouraging you to follow your passion and make a career out of it. If your personal passion happens to be fitness, then turning what you love into a lucrative and long-lasting career as a personal fitness trainer may be easier than you think. So how do you know if your personal love of staying fit and healthy will make a solid foundation for a professional fitness career? How do you become a personal fitness trainer? Read on for some helpful information.

Practice What You Preac

For an individual trying to get in shape and get healthy, it can be very difficult to feel motivated and inspired when the person directing you doesn’t seem to practice what they preach.Successful personal fitness trainers need to be physically fit themselves, providing an achievable example to their clients of what following a fitness plan can result in. As someone who has a personal love of staying fit and working out, you effectively become a walking advertisement for your profession. Your own fitness encourages other clients to seek you out because they know you won’t ask them to do anything that you aren’t willing and able to do yourself.

The Fountain of Knowledge

Having a strong personal background in fitness, as well as maintaining a current healthy lifestyle, also means you are keeping up with the latest fitness and health information. Every day new pieces of knowledge about the human body’s health and abilities are discovered. Keeping up with this new information is an important part of your personal fitness regimen, and this motivation to seek and share knowledge will be very important to your clients as well.

Keeping up with current fitness news and information will help you to educate your clients while keeping you informed.

Motivational Training

Even the biggest “fitness buff” has times when they need to be encouraged, even pushed, to accomplish their goals and maintain their journey to better health. Your own experiences with being motivated to meet goals and overcome obstacles in your fitness program will be very important background skills when working with clients. Sometimes what you learned about motivating yourself will be applicable to your clients, and sometimes you may have to try a fresh approach to help them succeed. Either way, having personal fitness experience and a genuine love for it, will help you to motivate others immensely.

Become a Personal Trainer

Once you’ve made the decision to become a personal trainer, you will want to explore the education and training options that are available. Being personally experienced, while important, is not enough. Having the right knowledge and the right training, to not only guide the physical progress of your future clients, but also their nutrition and overall health and wellness is also essential.

A comprehensive personal fitness trainer program such as that offered at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) provides you with not only a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and the psychology of exercise, but the program also gives you hands-on opportunities to put what you learn in to practice. Graduates of the SOCHi Personal Fitness Trainer Program program are prepared for any entry-level position as a personal fitness trainer, and are also ready to sit for the voluntary certification exams in fitness and nutrition that are available.

Loving your work or doing what you love; it is possible to have both. If you have a love of personal fitness, and want to help others to reach their goals as well, then you may be ready to become a personal fitness trainer. Use your fitness experience as a foundation, get the most comprehensive education and certification such as that offered by SOCHi, and be prepared to embark on a personally and financially rewarding career as a personal fitness trainer.

Does personal fitness training sound like the right path for you? Visit our website for more information about our personal fitness trainer program, or apply to SOCHi now.


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