how to become a certified personal trainer?

certified personal trainer
Personal trainers teach, encourage, and support their clients.

CrossFit is the strength and conditioning program of choice for police officers in training, military special operations units, martial arts champions, and regular people who just want to get fit when they have time off from their desk jobs. Just over 15 years after it was founded, CrossFit has firmly established itself as a global fitness phenomenon. With more than 11,000 locations, the chain is now the largest in history, and it has garnered hundreds of thousands of diehard fans.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit offers a high-intensity workout that incorporates functional movements (exercises that replicate movements you use in your daily life, such as standing from a seated position, pulling yourself up, or placing things above your head). One of CrossFit’s biggest selling points is its scalability. By adjusting load and intensity, CrossFit workouts are a suitable fitness program for any individual, regardless of their experience or fitness level.

Who Is CrossFit For?

“We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts.” Says the official CrossFit website. “We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.” It is a fitness philosophy that can be adjusted to fit people of all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness. It improves physical well-being through a hardcore workout, but in a way that makes all participants feel welcomed, accepted, encouraged, and supported.

What CrossFit Offers Beyond Physical Fitness

And that is the other big selling point of CrossFit: The sense of community people feel once they join one of its gyms. Each one has a tight-knit community that welcomes and supports its members, not just during their workouts in the gym, but in their lifestyles, as well. CrossFitters have their own culture that includes its own language (for instance, CrossFit gyms are called “boxes”), dietary habits, and social rules.

Personal Trainers Are Key to the CrossFit Community

Knowledgeable and certified personal trainers are a key element of success for a CrossFit gym and community. CrossFit has its own certification program – anyone can sign up for the L1 certification and start coaching at a local CrossFit gym once they’ve passed the course. But a good personal trainer is more than just a class leader or in-studio coach. A good personal trainer is a knowledgeable teacher, an indefatigable cheerleader, a supportive coach, and the backbone of the community.

Enthusiasm and Education Are Equally Important

Some aspects of being a good trainer – whether in CrossFit or any other fitness program – are based on personality. Are you someone who loves fitness training, thrives on helping others achieve their fitness goals, and is perpetually enthusiastic and full of ideas for how to keep the fitness routine interesting? If so, you are a great candidate to become a personal trainer.

Personal trainers offer support and encouragement.

But a good personal trainer doesn’t just lead daily workouts. He or she teaches people how their bodies function, helps them discover what they can accomplish with the right training, and guides them in their workouts so that they can avoid injury or overexertion. In order to excel as a personal trainer, you need a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and weight management.

Many vocational and career schools, such as Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), offer well-balanced programs that include the necessary courses in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and weight management, as well as training in corrective exercise, the physiology and psychology of exercise, and fitness program design.

If you want to become a personal trainer to help others improve their physical fitness, lose weight, and adopt healthier lifestyle habits, becoming a certified personal fitness trainer is a great first step. Add CrossFit’s certification and you can use your knowledge, education, and personal enthusiasm to develop a supportive and welcoming CrossFit community.


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