Be a Health and Wellness Professional: Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

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Personal trainers often work with individual clients, educating and encouraging them as they pursue a fitness program.

The world of health and wellness professions is a wide one, with many different types of careers to choose from. If you have a passion for helping other people to stay healthy, active and in-shape, becoming a certified personal fitness trainer may be the right path.

Personal fitness trainers assist their clients in choosing and performing exercises to strengthen the body.

Personal fitness trainers are in high demand in rehabilitation clinics, spas and treatment centers. The professionals provide guidance and expertise to patients as they recuperate from injuries and also assist individuals eager to get in shape and stay that way. Personal fitness trainers are also becoming a valuable part of many corporate environments, assisting the employees in staying healthy and keeping the working environment healthy as well.

What is a Personal Fitness Trainer?

The celebrity profile of personal fitness training as a profession has led to many distorted views of what personal trainers really do, and what they look like. Far from the stereotype of bulging biceps and deep tans, personal trainers are passionate about a clients overall health and physical fitness, not simply focused on weight loss or appearances.

Personal fitness trainers prescribe exercises and instruct their clients in the proper way to do those exercises. They assess their clients’ fitness regularly, set goals to motivate clients, and provide feedback and encouragement. Personal trainers also are educators, teaching their clients about other aspects of health and wellness, including nutrition and general health.

Bona Fide and Certified

Becoming a personal fitness trainer involves a combination of classroom learning, laboratory and work-related activities. Vocational school programs, such as the Personal Fitness Trainer Program offered by Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), provide students with a comprehensive basis that prepares them for entry-level positions as personal fitness trainers. Courses include anatomy and physiology; kinesiology and exercise physiology; weight management principles; nutrition; fitness program design; sports-specific training and occupational fitness.

Health and Wellness Jobs for Personal Trainers

Personal fitness trainers may work in a variety of health and wellness environments. They may assist physical therapists with rehabilitating patients with injuries or who are recovering from surgery, or may work one-on-one with clients in their homes, helping them regain strength and maintain a fitness level. Personal fitness trainers may also work in a spa, providing guidance and training for clients interested in an individual fitness program geared to their special needs.

One area in which personal fitness trainers are making successful in-roads is in corporate wellness programs. With a focus on improving the health and well-being of employees, corporate wellness programs encourage physical fitness, good nutrition and general health and wellness while at work. Corporate wellness offerings vary from company to company, but may include health risk assessments and screenings; on-site fitness facilities; weight loss and smoking cessation programs; and specialized training for back safety and other occupational hazards.

Many companies also are starting to offer personal training services. The availability of a personal fitness trainer for workers can help improve their health in numerous ways, from educating workers about occupational hazards that can harm the back, neck, eyes and wrists, to encouraging healthy eating habits, to providing encouragement and mentoring for workers looking to meet individual health and fitness goals.

Personal fitness training offers great career potential. No matter what your personality type or goals, personal training certification is an important first step in becoming a part of this health and wellness profession. If you care about helping people stay healthy, strong and fit, personal fitness training may just be the career for you.


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