SOCHi Makes it Easy to Balance Training With Fun and Relaxation

Semester milestones and weekly goals can help you keep on schedule and keep your days well-balanced.

Whether you are seeking a degree from a university or studying for your certification at a vocational school or trade school, pursuing your education can sometimes feel challenging, even scary. Trying to maintain balance between your school life, work life, home life, social life, and taking care of yourself can be overwhelming.

Finding a balance between your academic and extracurricular lives may be easier than you think, especially if you are attending Southern California Health Institute. Read on to find out how SOCHi’s unique characteristics and positive environment helps you to incorporate fun and socialization opportunities into your daily life, and supports you as you balance work, studies and more.

Set Realistic Goals

The first step to finding and maintaining a good balance as a student is to be realistic about what you can accomplish. Make sure that these goals are your goals, and not influenced by others. Stretch yourself, but don’t overwhelm yourself when scheduling classes or choosing activities.

SOCHi offers many opportunities for students to network with classmates and peers, including volunteer events. A SOCHi-sponsored event is also a great opportunity to meet new people and build new social relationships that can extend off-campus.

Time to be Flexible

The traditional regimentation of school schedules may not seem conducive to maintaining a good work/school balance, but finding balance is doable. Learning how to manage your time is the key, as is taking advantage of the more flexible class scheduling offered by many career schools, including SOCHi.

You will want to put together a schedule you can handle. Class time is, of course, a priority, but you also have to remember to plan for meals, studying, socializing, even exercising. SOCHi’s flexible class scheduling can be a tremendous help here, making it easy for you to choose and schedule classes to allow time for fun and relaxation, whether with others or on your own.

Choosing Your Activities

Perhaps you are involved in a lot of different social and athletic activities already, or you are aiming to choose one or two activities to incorporate into your student life? Deciding on what activities to pursue, whether educational, athletic, or just plain fun, may be difficult when you have to fit them into a school schedule. Even with SOCHi’s flexible class scheduling, some things may need to be put on hold or scheduled differently to allow for better time management.

What activities should you choose? If you have to cut back on a list of current activities, try to pare it down to the two or three that fit into your scheduling the best, that complement and enhance your chosen program of study, or that you like the best.

A regular sporting activity or club can easily be planned into the schedule, and with advance notice, skipping a day or going at a different time to work around school commitments can be managed. Physical activities are also a great choice if your program of study requires you to be still or in one position for long periods of time, such as medical billing and coding or even massage school. If you’re part of the physical therapy aide/sports rehab program or the personal fitness trainer program, exercise classes or regular time lifting weights or doing yoga will complement your coursework and improve your overall health and wellbeing as you go to school.

Achieving balance in your academic life can be daunting. It requires prioritizing and managing your time, choosing activities wisely, and never trying to do too much. As a student at Southern California Health Institute, you are studying in a unique environment that caters to students, provides an atmosphere of flexible learning and encourages students to network and socialize both on campus and off. Getting an education can be as fun as it is rewarding when you study at SOCHi!

If you’d like to learn more about SOCHi’s many programs, as well as everything else that our school has to offer adult students like yourself, you can get more information here .


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