Massage School: Background Training for Spa Owners

massage therapy background
Today, day spas offer a wide range of treatments.

Not too long ago, day spas were the exclusive domain of the rich and/or famous – and they offered luxury treatments average people could scarcely afford. But today, healthy eating, alternative health remedies, holistic healing, and all-around fitness are trending and more and more “regular people” are looking for ways to look and feel better. Beauty treatments, fitness programs, massage therapy, and other spa services are now widely available to just about anyone who wants to look and feel their best. From active retirees to suit-wearing executives to stay-at-home parents, people from all walks of life are eager to sign up for treatments that help them look and feel their best.

According to the ISPA 2014 Spa Industry Study from the International SPA Association (ISPA), there were more than 20,100 day spas in the US, nearly five times as many as there were 15 years earlier when the study was first conducted. The total number of spa visits in the US rose from 69 million annually to 164 million during the same period.

And as regular people continue to embrace health and wellness trends, day spas have proliferated and more and more people are seeking out treatments, not just for a bit of pampering, but to boost their physical and mental wellness.

Spa treatments are “more accessible than ever,” says Lynne McNees, president, International Spa Association. And Beth McGroarty, Research Director, Spafinder Wellness adds that while many of us still seek out spa treatments to manage stress or just enjoy a little well-deserved relaxation, these days, “we want to learn how to take better care of ourselves; an all-pronged approach to health.”

Day spas may offer a wide range of treatments — everything from aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and wraps to acupuncture and cupping. But basic massage services, including full body, facial, and hand/foot massage, are the mainstay of the day spa business. Many entrepreneurs in this promising field get started by attending massage school. Becoming trained as a massage therapist provides the foundation of an integrated approach to health and wellness and a potentially lucrative career as a massage therapist or, ultimately, a day spa owner.

A professional massage therapy program, such as SOCHi’s Advanced Professional Massage Therapy program, teaches both massage theory and application in medical massage therapy, specialized massage therapies (including sports massage, lymph drainage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy). But being a successful business owner requires a solid foundation of business principles, as well. SOCHi’s program provides the practical training you need to be a massage therapist as well as the tools to be your own boss and start and run your own successful day spa business.

If your goal is to open a day spa, training in massage therapy is a great first step. SOCHi’s program, because it includes training in both massage therapy and business practices, is an invaluable starting point for your career as a massage therapist and day spa owner.

Why not request more information about SOCHi’s Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program and learn how you can get started in massage therapy training? It’s a great way to set the course for a rewarding career path!


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