Five Advantages to Personal Fitness Instructor Jobs

Personal Fitness Instructor Jobs
Personal trainers work in a variety of environments, including fitness centers, spas, and from home as independent contractors.

Personal Fitness Instructor Training

The global economy is beginning to improve after a very rough decade, and the improvement is slowly trickling down into the various job markets. For some job sectors, though, times have not been so tough. The current optimism should serve to push these careers even further onward and upward.

Health and wellness careers have maintained a steady rate of growth over the past ten years and, with the great interest in being healthy and staying youthful, they should continue this expansion in the coming years.

Personal fitness instructor jobs are an excellent example of a health and wellness career that has exploded. Let’s tale a look at some of the advantages to pursuing a personal fitness instructor career.

Positive Job Outlook

The fitness industry is a great sector to work in for a number of reasons. First, the job outlook for these professions, including personal fitness training, is growing in leaps and bounds. The demand for trained professional fitness instructors in gyms, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, spas, and in private practice is high. More and more people are deciding to get healthy and fit, and personal trainer are a big part of their health plans. In some instances, personal fitness training is covered, in whole or in part, by insurance wellness programs.

Personal fitness instructor jobs are “anti-ageist” careers. You can become a fitness trainer at any time in your life, whether you are 18 or 40, and can continue to be a top-shelf trainer in high demand well into your golden years as long as you stay fit and healthy yourself, and are open to embracing new training methods.

Be Your Own Boss

Even if you work in a structured gym environment, being a personal fitness trainer is effectively an independent kind of job. You have the luxury, in many cases, of setting your own schedule or being your own boss in a variety of environments. If you’re are an independent contractor, working for yourself either in a spa or gym environment, or perhaps simply working from your own home, bringing clients there or going out on call to their homes, you have a huge amount of control over when you work and for how long, where and in what capacity. If you have the certifications and training required to become a professional personal fitness instructor, such as the comprehensive program offered at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), you will be able to attracts and keep clients, and make a decent living for your services.

Helping Others Help Themselves

If you’re like most people who explore a career as a personal fitness trainer, you are probably attracted to the field, at least in part, because you like to help people. Being a personal trainer is all about encouraging, guiding, and motivating another person to be the best that they can be. Whether their goals are to lose weight, strengthen and recover from an injury, improve their general health, or simply look and feel better, you can help them achieve these goals as a personal fitness trainer.

Motivational Training

The motivational training that you provide for others as a personal trainer is a motivation for you as well. In order to excel at your job guiding others to good health and fitness, you have to keep yourself in good health, and be strong and fit as well. Your own motivation to stay in shape and abreast of the latest fitness developments will, in turn, benefit your clients on their own fitness journey.

Motivating your clients – and yourself – is an important part of the job when you are a personal fitness instructor.

Indirect Benefits

There are some indirect benefits of being a certified fitness instructor. If you work as a part of a gym, you will likely be able to access their equipment and facilities for yourself, as well as using the other facilities such as a spa, sauna or swimming pool. You may also receive discounts for yourself and possibly even family members or a friend, for clothing, equipment, health food and other related things.

Pursuing a career in personal fitness training comes with a lot of advantages. This high-demand profession gives you the freedom to define your work schedule and habits, as well as the ability to take care of your own fitness needs while helping others achieve their goals. Continued education and great comprehensive programs, such as SOCHi’s personal fitness training program, prepare you to take on this lucrative job market and to build a long-lasting career that will reward you and others for years to come.

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