Accreditation of Sochi: Why it Matters

Accredited School
Choosing an accredited school such as SOCHi will set you firmly on the path to success in your chosen field.

So you’ve decided to pursue your higher education by training at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi). Whether your choice of program is training to be a personal fitness trainer, a physical therapy aide, or to explore the possibilities available to a graduate of the massage school, there are many different things to consider when choosing a vocational school or trade school such as SOCHi. The type of programs being offered, financial aid available, and successful job placement history are all important considerations where SOCHi excels. But there is one factor used to measure the quality of a career school that you may not have thought of – accreditation.

SOCHi offers a number of high quality training programs, including massage therapy and physical therapy aide.

What is Accreditation?

Simply put, accreditation is a process by which an external body evaluates an educational institution or program to determine if they are meeting standards. To achieve accreditation, the educational institution or program needs to rigorously comply with all established standards, as well as self-evaluating and undergoing an annual review of its academic programs and financial stability.

In many countries, accreditation is conducted through government organizations, but in the United States private accreditation agencies exist to accomplish it. These private agencies are recognized as official agencies by the United States Department of Education, as well as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

The Value of Accreditation in Higher Education

Accreditation in higher education is valuable on many levels, but for students there are some particular benefits. Accreditation offers students the assurance that their educational needs are going to be met by the educational program they are enrolled in. In addition, knowing that the educational institution meets high standards can make students feel more confident about their chosen school and/or program. Students can also enjoy the assurance that their school of choice is inviting, and responding positively to constructive criticism, which demonstrates that the school considers the pursuit of excellence a priority.

Becoming Accredited

The steps to becoming an accredited institution or program vary depending on the accrediting agency involved, but in general the process begins quite simply with a self-assessment checklist. The school desiring accreditation evaluates themselves, with every campus or school location completing a checklist of minimum eligibility standards.

After all the appropriate data about the school, its programs, and enrollment and graduation history have been collected, the accreditation agency reviews the information, schedules the necessary visits, and the completed file is submitted for review. Based upon all of this information, the school may receive a Grant of Accreditation lasting anywhere from three to six years.

SOCHi and Accreditation

How does Southern California Health Institute stack-up when it comes to accreditation?. This means that SOCHi has not only submitted itself to the rigorous self-evaluation and external evaluations of the agency, but they have also been found to meet the standards set for the institution and continue to do so year after year. This seal of accreditation means that SOCHi puts students first, making their success in their chosen field of learning a priority. And it means that you as a student can be confident and secure as you pursue your studies at SOCHi that you will be getting the best quality education and environment for learning and preparing for your successful future career.

Accreditation may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you search for a institution of higher learning, whether a college or trade school, but it should be. Colleges and vocational schools such as Southern California Health Institute have made accreditation a priority, placing a great deal of value on the quality of their programs and the success of their students, inspiring confidence in all who enroll.

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