A Day in the Life of a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Jobs
Massage therapy is a profession that may be practiced in a variety of environments, including medical facilities and cruise ships.

Massage Therapy Opportunities

Massage therapy opportunities have been growing rapidly in recent years, with more and more people taking an interest in massage school as a path to this potentially lucrative career. Massage therapy offers the chance to be a part of the always expanding healthcare and wellness sector and a degree of flexibility in places to work. Massage therapists work in a variety of environments, including hospital settings, resorts, spas, and as independent contractors.

Medical Massage

For some massage therapists, the structure of a hospital of rehabilitation environment is an ideal location for practicing their techniques for healing and well-being. Increasing interest in the healing properties of massage have gone hand-in-hand with the increase interest in holistic and alternative medicine. More and more medical facilities are adding massage therapies to their treatments.

A hospital-based massage therapist begins the day early with preliminary paperwork and phone calls. Then the day’s schedule is checked and you’re ready to begin seeing patients. The variety of patients extends from those recovering from injuries or surgeries to cancer patients and patients with chronic pain. Some patients may be seen every day, while others may have less frequent, even sporadic, treatments. Patients may come from the out-patient or in-patient units.

After treating patients at the hospital or rehabilitation center, you may spend your time after lunch treating ambulatory patients through the in-site clinic.

Massage on the High Seas

The most recognizable images of massage are those that feature relaxation and a spa environment. As a massage therapist, you can use your skills to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to clients in a high-end spa environment. Resort hotels always have a spa with massage therapy experts on-hand, but another exciting possible job location is onboard a cruise ship.

Cruise ships offer contracts covering several months, and the hours in the spa are often long and uninterrupted, but being a massage therapist on a cruise ship has its benefits as well. The days begin early with preparation of your therapy room, as well as yourself. You will re-examine the schedule for the day, fitting in new appointments throughout the day as possible. After a day spent in the spa, you will finish up by cleaning and organizing your treatment room and preparing things for a new day of clients tomorrow.

Massage Modalities To-Go

After you have completed your training at a massage therapy school such as Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), you may decide that the best investment in your career is to purchase a portable massage table and begin establishing a clientele. For independent massage therapists it can be a slow process forming a loyal clientele, but in the long-term you will have built a loyal following. Beginning your career, you will want to try and get space in a spa or other health and beauty facility where you can work and have the chance to interact with clients, hopefully encouraging them not only to return to you for their next massage, but also to recommend you to their family and friends.

If you want a career with freedom, flexibility and the rewards of helping others heal and feel better, massage therapy may be for you.

For freelance massage therapists, flexibility is a major feature of their work life. They have a great deal of freedom to dictate what days they wish to work, how many clients they are willing to see, and how long the sessions will be.

Working as a massage therapist offers a range of work environment options to choose from. Whether you want to work in a structured medical environment, a relaxing spa location, or on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, training at the SOCHi massage school will be your first step on the journey to a successful massage therapy career.

If a career as a massage therapist sounds appealing to you, SOCHi’s comprehensive program can put you on the path to your new career. Please visit our website to learn more about this program, or you can request general or course-specific information here.


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