Five Characteristics a Phlebotomy Tech Needs to Have

>5 Characteristics a Phlebotomy Tech Needs
Phlebotomy technicians collect blood samples from patients.

Phlebotomy technicians are the health care team members that draw blood from patients and make them feel comfortable. Along with drawing blood they label vials and input important data which requires concentration, focus, and communication. Here is an in depth look at what type of characteristics are needed as a Phlebotomy Tech.

Communication Skills are Key

Communication is important as a phlebotomy tech because 9 times out of 10 you will be around many other facets of the medical field. With doctors, nurses, certified nurse assistants, and medical assistants all surrounding you; you will have to know how to properly communicate what has been done and what needs to be done. Clinics and doctors offices are normally fast paced environments so information that is passed along needs to be accurate. Communication can not be looked over because phlebotomy techs will always be on a large team and will always need to be a team player.

Phlebotomy Requires Coordination

As a phlebotomy tech you will be drawing blood from your patients on a daily basis. The procedure of drawing blood is very precise and delicate, therefore it requires much hand-eye coordination. Drawing blood can not be done sloppily. Technically, it can, but your patient will not be happy and your job will not be available to you for long. Having a lack of coordination can cause serious pain and injury to the patient and it is important to know exactly what you are doing with accuracy.

Phlebotomy Technicians are Organized

Organization is a crucial characteristic to work on if you are to become a phlebotomy tech, or any medical worker to be quite frank. When phlebotomists draw blood and into vials, those vials need to be correctly labeled and sorted. If any label or sorting goes array, then there will be an issue. If the physical samples are not in order, then that will lead to data entry being mismatched or wrong which is not a good outcome. Not being organized is not an option when doing this type of work.

All Hands On Deck

Phlebotomists need to have the ability to multi-task. A lot is riding on the test sample of blood that phlebotomists need to collect. This means that they not only have to concentrate on drawing the blood, but making sure the patient is okay and correctly labeling and inputting all that information. Your team members rely on you to help with other things such as data entry or handling things within your skill bounds on the fly. Phlebotomy techs can also end up helping at the front with various types of clerical work. The point is: drawing blood is not the only thing you will be doing all day. Be ready to have your hand in many pots.

Compassion is Necessary

Last but not least, compassion is probably the most important characteristic as a phlebotomy tech. Compassion does not just amount to bedside manners. Although that is important; compassion actually needs to be a way of navigating while at work as a phlebotomy tech. It’s needed when helping patients ease their anxieties about giving blood or when you are communicating with your team after they’ve had a long day. It is the feeling of patience and welcoming attitude that can leave your patients and team members feeling comfortable and secure.