Top Four Signs It's Time for a Career Change

Time for a Career Change
Is this sign meant for you? Are you ready for a job in the dynamic healthcare field?

There are near-infinite paths to take in life, so who says you have to get it right the first time? Perhaps this concept is no more applicable than when it comes to careers. In fact, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average professional in the U.S. only stays in a role for 4.5 years. While some of these job changes reflect new titles or employers, others signify the leap from one profession to another. Wondering whether there's a career change in your own future? These four signs may indicate that a new job is in order.

1. You are tired all the time.

While all jobs can be tiring on occasion, the right job should ultimately leave you feeling energized, not exhausted. If you don't like your job, it's probably taking much more out of you than you're getting out of it. A career shift to a job you love can help reduce stress and the feelings of depletion that go along with it.

2. Your strengths aren't aligned with your responsibilities.

Perhaps you chose your current position because it was the right fit at the time, or maybe you just ended up there by default. In either case, if the job calls upon a skill set you either lack or don't enjoy using, it's likely time to head in a different direction.

For example, if your job requires you to make routine presentations but public speaking causes you extreme anxiety, you're unlikely to have a positive outlook about reporting to work every day.

If you are having doubts about your job, taking a few minutes to assess your strengths can help you determine whether they're being put to optimal use in the workplace.

3. You're indifferent about your contribution in the workplace.

If you're apathetic about your job, can you really perform to the best of your abilities? Unfortunately, this can quickly become a vicious cycle.

Imagine having a job where you're actually excited to go to work every day and to make a real contribution.

While making a good salary may be one of your priorities, there's no substitute for the feeling that comes from being truly committed to what you do. Conversely, if you're going to work every day simply to collect a paycheck, you're likely missing out on the opportunity to experience true satisfaction -- not just professionally, but also personally.

A change in careers, meanwhile, can help you discover the joy that comes from knowing you're living up to your true potential.

4. You don't feel appreciated in the workplace.

Are you feeling overlooked or undervalued in your current job? If so, a new career may lead to enhanced opportunities for recognition. While contentment largely comes from within, external validation can also be a significant motivating factor in the workplace.

Luckily these feelings can come from a number of different sources. For example, if your current job involves primarily independent work, a switch to a career with more opportunities to engage with people -- from coworkers to clients -- can help you feel valued for your contributions.

One of the most popular paths for 21st-century career changers? Health and wellness jobs.

Not only are workers in this field in great demand due to the ongoing shortage of qualified professionals, but the work is also uniquely fulfilling. To learn more about your options for healthcare jobs along with how to position yourself for a terrific new career in healthcare, request information from SOCHi today.


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