4 Reasons to Attend a College Open House

Four Reasons to Attend a College Open House
here are four reasons you should go to an open house

An Open House is an event business’ host to give prospective students a chance to check out their establishment. For schools, open houses are a bit different. When you go to a school’s open house, you get the opportunity to get a quick feel of the environment you are going to attend. School is a larger commitment than a quick purchase at a random business, therefore, open houses hosted by schools hold much more weight. What some may think is a nonchalant task, going to open houses can give you a lot of information and prove to be very useful. Here are a few benefits of attending an open house.

Campus Environment

Going to a school’s open house or welcoming event gives you the opportunity to check out the campus. Not only will you be looking into what the campus looks like, you’ll get a feel of the commute. When you attend a school, you want to make it is a trek you are willing to make on a daily basis. If your commute is going to leave you stuck in traffic which will make you miserable, you need to decide if that is a choice you’re going to make.

Take a look around at the classrooms and where different departments are. This will give you the opportunity to see if this is a space you want to inhabit for the next few months. Close places to look at are classrooms and places to study. These will be the locations in which you are absorbing the most of your knowledge. Will you be comfortable? Is this somewhere you want to spend the next few months?

Get To Know The Staff

Obviously, it’s crucial you speak to an admissions advisor at your school. They will most likely be at an open house so it’d be a good idea to get a chance to speak with one or even a few. Admissions advisors spend their time guiding you to make the right decisions in regards to your education and make sure you are qualified to attend school. Just like they are assessing and assisting you, you should be doing the same right back. Ask them questions right back!

Get to the root of why you are there. Why is this worth my time? You came to an open house because you had an inclination or liking to this career path, this is your time to follow through. See if you were right and if following through is worth your time. Asking your admissions advisor questions shows them that you care about your education and also gives them a better perspective of where you fit in the school and how to best get you adapted if you decide to enroll post open house session.

Find Out The Cost of Tuition

As we discussed above, you came to this open house because you may want to attend this school. Well, there probably is a few things holding you back such as scheduling conflict and weariness, but the most common obstacle our students face that hinder them is financial fears. Many are scared to invest in school since they are not sure if they have the funds, want the debts, or if they will get the pay off the desire. Open houses’ are designated to rid you of these fears. Ask if you could speak to an admissions advisor and see how your financial situation will work out. Most of the time, the school's offer you financial aid or financial consultation to help you get through your doubts.

Aside from finding out the cost of tuition and consulting with financial aid, an invitation to visit a school is where you can get a glimpse of where your money will be spent. It’s evident that school is a big investment, but find out why. What are you paying for? Get into what supplies, books, and teachers you will be paying for. At the end of the day, all of these factors play into the money you are paying for, so it’s important for you to know exactly what you are paying for. An open house is where you can get your outline in plain sight with examples.

Get To Know Your Peers

Students make up a large part of what a school’s environment is like. Therefore, take the time to interact with the students roaming the halls if you get the chance. Of all the elements that can better help you understand your school that are available at your open house, talking to students would probably be your best bet. They are the school’s credibility as they live and breath that environment.

See how they like the school and how they are growing. Questions you asked them can be sincere, just like you, they know what it’s like to want more. They have been in the exact place you are so their answers will have more impact on you. Be sure to not just rely on the opinion of one student, try talking to many. Bonus points if you manage to speak to a student on the same career path as you.


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