Two Careers You Can Gain During The Pandemic

2 Careers Gain During The Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the lives of nearly everyone on the planet.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a lot of chaos in our lives and up rooted many of the plans we have had for our life. It’s not that our plans are necessarily over, but the mission to get there has been definitely changed. Currently, it seems as though we are left with minimal options to feel productive. There are many ways to be productive whether that means reorganizing your closet, working out, or catching up on some television; but what about your career? It’s okay if it’s not at the top of your list, but it does not mean you can not work on it during this era of social distancing.

If you are up for the task this is a perfect time to learn a new skill and maybe even gain a new career opportunity you can utilize until this whole thing blows over. What better way to spend some of your time then taking online classes that can get you certified and provide you more security once this is all over. Here are two skills and careers that you can get certified in that will give you bountiful job opportunities and a steady income.

Massage Therapy Releases Tension

Massage Therapy is the practice of releasing tension in muscles through body work. It is also a great profession that not only heals others, but provides an immense amount of financial stability. With the option of working under an employer, you can have a set schedule and collect your higher pay for your specialized skill set. Many people pay a lot of money to get a massage because it is in high demand and it requires a certified professional to assist you; with your employer and client having this in mind you will not be sold short on your skill pay off. Another option is starting your own business by working out of your home or traveling. This way you can control the amount of income you receive and the clients you take on.

Physical Therapy Provides Rehabilitation To Society

Physical Therapy Aide is a bit of a combination of body work and rehabilitation. For many reasons, individuals spanning across the whole country are in demand of physical therapy. Physical therapy can assist demographics that include anybody from professional athletes and 9 to 5 office workers all the way to the geriatric community. Oftentimes physical therapy is prescribed by a doctor to patients when they are in need of healing from an injury (which is often). Since society can’t manage to have a full proof plan to make injuries obsolete, we will always be in demand for physical therapy. Physical therapy can even be available to anyone who requests so it is not limited to a doctors prescription. When you get certified as a physical therapy aide, you always get the superb opportunity to dive into the profession of massage therapy as well since they are incorporated.

Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Can Be Your Career Goals

Both Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy incorporate working on patients bodies in a hands on environment. Although you are not allowed to get close to strangers during this era of social distancing, you can still get certified as a Massage Therapist of Physical Therapy Aide. Due to the pandemic, many schools have waived their main requirements of being on campus due to the health of their students. Now, many careers are being provided to eager students at home who are stressed and trying to find a way to prepare for their future.