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Become a Medical Biller and Coder Specialist in Under 9 Months

What is Medical Billing and Coding? It’s simply the bridge between Healthcare providers and insurance companies. The duties of a Medical Biller and Coder Specialist revolve around two main parts. The first involves interpreting patient charts that will include patient information such as history of diagnoses and treatments. Then those charts will be transcribed via a set group of medical codes that healthcare providers and insurance companies can use to fulfill their assigned tasks. Essentially, if someone were to ask “How does Medical Billing and Coding work?” you can let them know that it is the transcription of patient information in order to facilitate healthcare provider reimbursement.

The system of healthcare reimbursement has been changing and evolving at an alarming pace. Having staff that is knowledgeable and skilled in navigating these changes of billing and coding for a practitioners' services is an invaluable asset. More and more people are discovering the worth of a stable career in Medical Billing and Coding and soon enough you can get the opportunity to do the same. You can learn the ins and outs of this ever-changing world and how to stay current with the medical reimbursement trends by investing in education with us at Sochi.

The 900 Clock Hour Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Program at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHI) provides the student with training in all areas of medical billing and coding procedures for outpatient settings. The program’s educational materials are designed to prepare the student for entry level employment in the field.

Hands on experience with electronic health records and billing and coding simulation software gives students the confidence to meet the challenges of medical reimbursement in today's rapidly growing and changing industry. The program also offers training in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, the business of a medical office, as well as familiarizing you with all the diagnostic and procedural codes of the CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS and how to use these tools to successfully bill and collect payments for outpatient services. The capstone consists of a 150 hour externship in a professional setting that will prepare the student for placement.

Completion of the courses will prepare you for basic entry level work in billing and if you excel there, it may lead you to higher levels of employment available to medical coders.

What Does a Medical Biller and Coder Do?

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Again, the main duties of a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist solely revolve around two factors: The billing portion and the coding portion. Once patient history is documented through the use of a special set of codes, it can then be sent to insurance companies and care providers. To dive deeper into the world of Coding and Billing, refer to an extended list of duties below:

  • Analysis of patient history and records
  • Coding the documentation of patient records through proper coding-techniques
  • Billing insurance providers for reimbursement
  • Clarifying with fellow staff members such as physicians and medical assistants if necessary
  • Facilitating the confidentiality and management of sensitive patient information

Upon graduating SOCHi, our alumni are presented with many opportunities to work in the field of Medical Billing and Coding Program. A large portion of coding specialists work in doctors’ offices or any sort of physician practice and since every practice relies on following policy and regulations in terms of proper supply codes, patient medical records, accurate diagnoses, and appropriate insurance claims and billing forms; there is a staunch need for medical billing and coding specialists. This need doesn’t just stop at Physicians offices. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in many facilities based in Health and Wellness. Below are just a few of the options our students have to thrive in:

  • Physician Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Dental Offices
  • Collections
  • Home health care service

Graduates may even have the opportunity to work remotely from home. This can be done either through a staffing agency or being hired regularly through any Medical Billing and Coding company that allows it’s employees to work remotely. Working remotely to some is a great opportunity to work in a relaxing space that is not hindered by traveling. You can learn more about the different employment opportunities offered at Southern California Health Institute throughout your extensive Medical Billing & Coding Program. With all these different facilities to advance in, that leaves you as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist graduate with flexibility.

With our countries population growing higher it creates an influx of individuals in the Healthcare system. Since there are so many people to keep track of, the system is increasingly switching to digitally recording health records. What do digital health records mean to you? Well, this means that the needs for Medical Billing and Coding Specialists will also rise. As jobs rates increase, that creates more opportunity for SOCHi graduates who are certified to obtain a generous salary and secure position.

This specific program was chosen to be offered at our school not only because it is a major part of the Health & Wellness realm, but it is also expected to have a major growth in employment rates. The projected job growth is faster than average through 2022 at 22% or higher increase. In regards to stable pay, the median salary in California is $40,300.00 which can vary depending on employment history and company.

Mandy is one of our instructors in the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program. Here is a message from her:

“As an Instructor at Sochi in the MBC Program, I have a wonderful opportunity to enrich my students with extensive knowledge in the Medical field as Billers and Coders. My prior employment was in the Pharmacy Industry as a Technician. After many years in that field, I no longer had any challenges and made the life changing decision to return to school. I attended Sochi in the MBC Program and dedicated my time to learn a new challenge. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As much as I enjoyed the student aspect, having the opportunity to now Instruct, has been a true gift.

I have the daily opportunity to change their lives for the better. Each day the students are taught, at an even pace, something new. At the completion of the courses offered they are well prepared for employment in the Medical Billing and Coding Profession. Please feel free to stop by Room 522 to see us in action.”

Why SOCHi?

Aside from the employment opportunities and the job growth incorporated when being a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, there are many other reasons why you should consider receiving your training at Southern California Health Institute.

You know now based off the job growth statistics of the field having a 22% or higher increase in employment through the next 5 years that training is in demand. You want to reap the benefits of this resourceful field as soon as possible and SOCHi can assist you in doing that in less than 10 months! Throughout your time learning here, we require our students to train and learn about anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology on top of getting familiar with the thousands of preset codes needed to fulfill your duties in your future job. With a speedy and tactful training program, SOCHi can have you in their career center applying for jobs before you know it.

Once finished with the program you will see yourself having the flexibility, competitive pay, and job security you hoped for before attending. Not only will you start having many benefits you rightfully worked hard for, but working in the field of Medical Billing and Coding is rewarding work. Working face to face with patients in the medical field can prove to be tiresome, this way you can change lives one code at a time. Not only that, but the skills learned here at SOCHi are transferable. With the documentation and transcription that Medical Billers and Coders are trained in, it makes it easier for them to move into other careers at some point such as the bank industry or the insurance industry.

This career initiative serves the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Cities in range can include Calabasas, Pacoima, San Fernando, Reseda, Burbank, Sun Valley, North Hills, Glendale, Northridge. Hidden Hills, Sherman Village, Encino, Arleta, Valley Village, Santa Clarita, North Hollywood, & Van Nuys.

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