Linda Sweet

Linda Sweet

MASSAGE THERAPY Tutoring Coordinator

Linda, originally from Detroit, Michigan, where after her education taught weekly seminars, and classes to educate anyone and everyone on massage therapy and all aspects of natural health. She had a practice in a chiropractic center for 5 years, and then decided to move to California.

Linda is a certified naturopath and a certified massage therapist. It is her passion to help others get on a healthy natural path, change their lifestyle from fear to prevention, and help to reverse all conditions through nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic and more. It is also her pleasure and passion to do help repair various physical injuries by applying medical massage therapy.

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Being a part of Southern California Health Institute the education process for those who desire to find a path to a career in massage therapy, is very rewarding to Linda and she is regularly amazed by how much she grows together with her students as they reach their goal of becoming massage therapists. Linda worked diligently over the course of ten years to obtain her natural health certification. She studied under her mentor DR. Delores Spence in Hillsdale Michigan, and then in 2000 she did a correspondence course through Trinity Natural Health College, Warsaw, in, where she received a master of holistic health certification. In 2001 Linda attended the naturopathic institute of therapies and education in Mt. Pleasant, mi for a certified naturopath program, receiving that title in 2006. During her education at naturopathic institute of therapies and education in Michigan, she took “body work” classes of over 300 hours for massage therapy and in 2007 she returned to graduate from the massage therapy program.

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