Jessica Kallio

Jessica Kallio

Dean of Administration

Jessica’s previous clinical experiences include working as a clinical coordinator and staff chiropractor for the physical therapy and rehab operations of a highly successful neurology and integrated pain management clinic in southeast Georgia. The clinic served a patient base that ranged as far north as Savannah down to a large part of northeast Florida. A major segment of the patients were chronic pain sufferers, as well as personal injury or worker’s compensation cases. Additionally, her clinic treated cases that involved patients who were post-surgical, post-stroke, suffering from neurological disorders, and other complex diagnoses. Many of the cases the clinic encountered dealt with symptoms arising from radiculopathic or neuropathic pain processes.

Alternately, she has had extended involvement as a practitioner and practice owner in a multidisciplinary alternative health center. She offered chiropractic services and co-managed mutual clients with other practitioners in fields that included naturopathy, herbalism, reflexology, quantum biofeedback, ionic foot detox, neuromuscular therapy and counseling services; all within a retail storefront that specialized in public education about natural healing and high quality herb and supplement sales.

On an ongoing basis, she has marketed, demonstrated and promoted the sales of E.T.P.S. (electroacupuncture) devices to clinicians and patients, and assisted in training other health practitioners in their clinical applications. Additionally, she has had experience instructing fellow chiropractic students as a tutor at Life University, and worked as a lab assistant, instructing anatomy and physiology labs while working on her undergraduate degree at old dominion university.

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Jessica has worked within a wide range of practice types before and after graduation, and she is highly proficient in a variety of treatment methods and techniques. These experiences afforded her the ability to easily adapt her style of interaction and practice to suit many different patient populations, which ultimately maximized their comfort and their individual outcomes. Those varied workplace exposures also taught her the best ways for communicating with colleagues and co-workers of differing background disciplines to foster camaraderie and promote efficiency. Jessica is highly proficient in manual full spine adjusting and enjoys working with extremities, especially with sports injury patients. Specifically, she has been certified in activator technique, and has specialized in treating pediatric patients, pregnant patients, and severe chronic pain sufferers using low-force and adapted chiropractic methods. Additionally, her past practices focused heavily on neuromuscular work in conjunction with chiropractic care and she generally employs a variety of manual therapy techniques to achieve the best results when treating patients.

Today, Jessica enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students and works closely with them to help them succeed in their newly chosen path in life. As, Chief Academic Officer, she uses her organization, communication, and listening skills to make sure that each member of the SOCHi faculty is provided with every tool necessary to better help their students. Jessica believes in “an open door policy” and you will frequently find her working with faculty and students as questions arise.

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